We need your support!
By Member John Ardiff
October 8, 2021

We encourage everyone to watch Chief Shapiro's remarks at last night's Township meeting.

In response to Chief Shapiro's comments, Chairman Hayes led off with, "this board fully appreciates your service and your volunteering," but the board's actions so far would say otherwise.

The major concern we have had is the unilateral changing of our contract and the changing of the staff duties from what was filed for in the grant. The contract pushed by Mr. McCauley, before his departure, called for funding changes, removal of volunteer incentives as well as such drastic measures as removing plowing by the township and asking the volunteers to shovel the apparatus out before responding to calls. They have said repeatedly that THEY WILL NOT HIRE FIREFIGHTERS. Their solution is to instead rewrite the program to have fire inspectors in cars driving around the township.

Warminster does not have a fire inspector problem, it has a daytime firefighter problem . Warminster needs firefighters staffing trucks ready to put out fires and save lives.