By News Desk
December 7, 2020


On Sunday December 20th , 2020 Santa will be making his way throughout the Hartsville Community onboard the fire truck. Be on the lookout and listen for the sirens as Santa will begin his journey starting at 10 AM. This year in light of the pandemic the Hartsville Fire company in conjunction with SANTA have decided to change the format of the Santa Run. This year Santa will be remaining on the fire truck as the fire trucks drive up and down each street. Please note that both the fire company and Santa will do their best to hit every street in a timely fashion but the fire company will remain in service throughout the event and will respond to calls as they come in. We encourage anyone who lives in cul-de-sacs or small private roads to please come out to the end of the street as it becomes harder for all the fire trucks to access these small areas. In addition to minimize contact and exposure, our members will be remaining on the apparatus, and while we always appreciate the cookies, Santa and his elves cannot accept any gifts this year. Different from years past, Santa and his helpers will not be handing out candy from the fire trucks. While we understand that during this challenging year this is an exciting time, we ask that you do your best in keeping children and pets from running into the street while Santa is coming through.

Anticipated Agenda: (Listen for the sirens)

Starting at 10:00 AM
- Grey lane / Hartsville Circle / Mulberry Circle / Kemper Drive
- Windmill Rd / Wheatfield Ln / Deer Run Rd / Oakwood Dr. / Carousel Dr. /Red Barn
- Log College Dr. / Maquire Lane / Marshall Dr. / Worthington Dr. / Cornell Dr. / Spiess Ln
- Gorson Dr. / Sloane Rd. / Cathe Lane. / Little Lane / Lynch Circle / Glazer Rd.
- Barness Dr. / Irma Rd. / Dixon Dr. / Dager Rd. / Nassau Rd. / Darrah Rd.
- Log College Dr. Oak Leaf Lane / Lynda Lane / Weber Lane / Dayton Dr.
- Toll house Lane / Fitch Place / Carroll Circle / Anthony Wayne Dr.
- Lavera Lane / Georges Lane / Emma Lane / Sandy Lane / Woods Lane
- Saxony Manor Appts.

Starting at 1:00 (afternoon)
- Olden Dr. / Bellemeade Dr. / Brennan Dr. / Stub Rd. / Boxwood Circle
- Boxwood Dr. / Cheryl Dr. / Dahlia Rd. / Arbor Lane / Roberts Rd. / Violet Rd.
- Manor Rd. / June Rd. / Tulip Rd. / Aster Rd. / Brookdale Lane / Garden Rd.
- Twin Streams Dr. / Boyd Dr. / Spring St. / Creekwood Dr. / Summit Ct. / Pebble Brook Rd
- Homestead Ct. / Wedge Wood Rd. / Laffayette / Sturbridge Dr.
- Ivyland Rd. / Marian Rd. / Phillips Rd. / Harting Circle . / Spencer Lane. / Penrose Lane
- Fisher Lane. / Roberts Rd. / Domino Lane. / Mueller Rd. / Hilltop Rd. / Howard Rd./ Strattford
- Tennyson Dr. / Whittier Dr. / Chaucer Ct. / Shelly Ct. / Thoureau Ct. / Christie Ct. / Michener Ct. / Longfellow Ct.
- York Town village
- Christ Home

On behalf of the officers and the members of the Hartsville Fire Company we would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Stay safe and healthy.