Fire Prevention Week
By News Desk
October 5, 2020

October is one of the best times of the year for fire departments…. We are given the opportunity to talk about FIRE PREVENTION !!!!!!

Our main focus and priority is to serve our community and keep all those who reside as safe as possible. One of the main ways we are able to achieve this is by taking this week to discuss the importance of fire prevention. During this week we are able to educate the public on some basic information that could be useful in trying to prevent a fire emergency. Unfortunately this year’s fire prevention looks a little different due to the current pandemic. The members are sad to announce that our annual in person fire prevention is canceled this year to maintain the safety to our community. With this being said our department is determined to continue educating the public on the importance of fire prevention. Although we are unable to do this in person as in years past we will be posting lessons, advice, safety tips and much more on our social media pages. Be on the lookout ….

This year’s theme for fire prevention is “Serving Up Fire Safety In The Kitchen”. ( October 4- 10th, 2020)

Safety Tips of the Day :

• Keep things that can burn such as dish towels, curtains and paper away from the stove top.
• Keep the stove top, burners and oven clean from spilled food, grease, paper and bags.
• Keep pot handles turned toward the back of the stove when cooking around small children and pets.
• Keep children away from the stove and oven ( 3 feet of 1 meter away) when cooking.
• Do not leave the room while cooking, always stay in close proximity.

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