Warminster Township Fire Study
By Newsdesk
June 29, 2019

In September of 2018, The leadership of Hartsville Fire Company and Warminster Fire Department met with Township Officials to discuss the state of the fire service in Warminster Township. Both agencies identified the need to supplement volunteers with career firefighter during the daytime hours when most volunteers are working out of the area. Request for fire services during this period are equal to or greater than most of our neighboring municipalities that have already hired daytime staffing. The township requested both agencies participate in a study to identify any deficiencies in the services being provided. After several months of collecting data the study was presented by Emergency Services Consulting International at the June Board of Supervisors Meeting. The study revealed that Warminster Township is protected by two highly trained agencies with great facilities and apparatus. Both fire companies are currently financially stable and have a great working relationship.
Emergency Services Consulting International identified four markers that lead them to recommend a need for Warminster Township to begin the planning stages of supplementing volunteers with career staff. The Township Supervisors and officials from both agencies all spoke in support of the study.
Warminster Township residents best bargain has been the volunteer firefighter. Volunteer firefighters have saved the township millions in tax dollars and have always been there for you. Unfortunately, due to declining membership and increased calls for service, we now need your help. Please support us by letting township officials know that you support them and the study as we work together to plan the future of the fire service here in Warminster Township.
Hartsville Fire Company and Warminster Fire Department are always looking for new members. Training is free and there are many benefits.