Bob Schleyer Honored for 50 Years of Service.
By Member John England IV
March 11, 2017

On Saturday night, Hartsville Fire Company held there annual banquet to thank the members for their dedication and service.
Awards were given out to FF John McFeely for most calls and FF Ryan Mullelly for most drills. Deputy Chief Chris McDonald was given a plaque for Firefighter of the Year and FF Emma England & Administrative Member Joe Handoe were honored for Life Membership after 20 years of service.
The major event of the night was honoring Bob Schleyer for 50 years of service to the Hartsville Fire Co. and the citizens of Warminster & Warwick Townships. Warminster Township Board of Supervisors Chairman Mark McKee presented Bob with a Proclamation and Warwick Township Board of Supervisors member John Cox presented Bob a small gift and a thank you letter.
Members of the company were encouraged to come up and say some things about Bob. The company also honored Bob's wife with roses.